Facebook This Content Isn’t Available Right Now, Why? [2022]

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Do you ever see the error ”Facebook This content isn’t available right now”?

If so, don’t worry! This is a common issue that many people have been experiencing, and we are here to help you fix it. We will provide detailed instructions on how to resolve this problem with screenshots below.

We provide the top 12 reasons you see on “Facebook this content isn’t available right now” and provide a solution to how you can fix it.

To get started fixing this issue, follow the steps below!

12 Reasons Why You See In Facebook This Content Isn’t Available Right Now And the Solution.

Firstly, I research the whole thing why this problem appears. I found 12 reasons why you see ”this content isn’t available right now on Facebook.”

Please read the entire 12 reasons to know why this happened and how to fix it. So, let’s go:

1. You May Be Blocked

When someone blocks you on Facebook, you can not see their post, profile, photo. How you can check if this person blocks you or not.

Visit their profile; if you can visit there, that means you are not blocked. You can check other reasons. 

[Solution] If this person blocked you, then they must unblock you to see his profile, post, etc. Otherwise, the problem will not solve. 

2. You May Block The Post Publish Person

This is another reason why you see this issue. You may block this person. Follow the below steps to see if you block this person or not.

  1. Go to your Facebook account. Tap on the Setting & Privacy > Setting.
  2. From the left menu bar, tap on the Blocking option.
  3. Now, you’ll see a list of people you’ve previously blocked on Facebook.

[Solution]  To solve this issue, you first unblock this person on Facebook. We already provide a detailed guide on how to unblock someone on Facebook. Check out this article.

3. This Post May Be Adult content 

Facebook mentions in its Violent and graphic content policy that you can not publish any adult content.

This is why the post may be deleted, and you see,  ”this content isn’t available right now on Facebook.”

[Solution]  Don’t post any adult content on Facebook. If so, the problem will arise again and again.

4. Facebook flagged The Post As Spam

Facebook may be flagged this post as spam, and they remove it. The Facebook policy mentioned that you could not post any spam post. 

If so, they have a right to delete the post or even delete the account.

[Solution]  The problem has an only solution is not to post anything that looks spammy. 

5. The Post May Be Removed

The primary owner may remove the post from their timeline so that you see ”this content isn’t available right now on Facebook.”

The primary owner may not share this post on Facebook anymore or face any difficulty. Whatever the reason is, you will see this error if they remove it. 

[Solution]  The main must post it again to see it. Keep in mind that you can not see it by the previous post link if they post it again. 

6. You May Be Logged Out

Sometimes we log out from Facebook automatically. This may happen because you are spending too much time or for other reasons. For that reason, the problem may appear. 

[Solution]  Refresh your Facebook page and check if you log in or not. If you log out, then log in to solve this issue.

7. For Changing The Privacy Setting

If the post owner changes the privacy setting, you will see the message ”this content isn’t available right now on Facebook.”

The original post owner may change the privacy setting from public to friends or friends except. If the post is published in a private Facebook group, you can not see the post until you join this group.

[Solution]  The post owner must change the privacy setting to view it. If the post is published in a private group, you have to join this group first.

For Changing The Privacy Setting

8. The Profile or Page May Be Deactivated or Deleted

This will happen most of the time. If the post owner deletes or deactivates his account, then you can not see the post. And you will see the error message.  

Another reason is that the profile or page may delete by Facebook to violate the terms & conditions. 

[Solution]  Your problem will only fix if the post owner activates his account, or somehow he recovers his deleted Facebook account. 

9. The Post May Be Age Restriction

There is also a Facebook setting from where you can restrict which age people will see the post. If the post owner restricts it, you may not see it until you fulfill the age requirement. 

For this reason, you will see on Facebook, “this content isn’t available right now.”

[Solution]  If the original owner removes the age restriction, then you can see it again.

10. Location Restriction

Like age restriction, there is also an option to restrict a particular location.

When the owner adds a location restriction, and if you are in the exact location, you can not see the post without the error message.

[Solution]  The post owner must remove the location restriction, or you have to move from this particular location to view it. I think, to move for a post is not a good idea.

11. Facebook May Be Down

It is a very rare case that Facebook is down. If it happens, you can not visit Facebook. You can check Facebook is down or not to search in Google.

[Solution]  If this happens, wait until Facebook recovers it. 

is facebook down

12. Malware or Bug Intrusion

When we see the error ”Facebook, This content isn’t available right now,” sometimes it happens because of a Facebook bug. 

[Solution]  You have to wait until Facebook solves this issue.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Now, we provide answers to some commonly asked questions. If you have any questions about this post, please comment below. We will update this section.

How to Fix “Sorry, This Content Isn’t Available Right Now 2022.”

Today’s post discusses the top 12 reasons why this problem occurs and how you can solve it. This is the solution I found from my research.

Would you please check the above reason to solve your problem?

What is this means This Content Is Unavailable Right Now?

That means this content may not be available for you because of different reasons. It may be the owner delete the post or other reason. Check the above 12 reasons to clear the idea.

Final Thoughts

Now you know why you see the error ”Facebook, This content isn’t available right now.” Hopefully, now you can solve this issue very quickly.

We hope this article has helped you understand the reasons behind why you see this error. If you have any queries about this article, please comment below.

We always love to see your feedback. If you find it helpful, please share this content.

Thanks for reading. Have a great day:)

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