6 Things You Should Do Before Installing iOS 16.0.2

Written by Abid Akon

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Today we will discuss 6 Things to Do Before Installing iOS 16.0.2. So, let’s go. 


Clean Up the Storage on Your iPhone

If your iPhone is nearing its storage limit, you may need to perform some cleanup before installing it. On the internal storage of your iPhone, iOS 16 takes up a substantial amount of space. 

If you’re getting close, check your device’s storage and remove any files you no longer require to ensure there is space for the download. 

Save Your Login details. 

When you update, you can also get logged out of the apps you’re logged into, which could cause you to forget your passwords if you don’t know them. 

You can prevent that by storing your passwords in the iCloud Keychain. Simply check that, Keychain is enabled in the iCloud settings. Then carry out the instructions. 

1. To do that, Navigate to Settings. 

2. Click on the Passwords. Make sure you have saved all of your passwords here. 

3. Simply tap the “plus” icon at the top to save a new password. 

Backup Your iPhone’s Data. 

Though data loss problems are uncommon, don’t take a chance. Before installing iOS 16.0.2, make sure you have a backup of your data. Many of you are already experienced at backing up your iPhone’s data correctly. 

Some of you will want the iCloud service from Apple. It’s a simple way to guarantee the security of your crucial files. 

Update Your Apps and Read Through Reviews. 

Before installing iOS 16 on your iPhone, you should read app reviews if you depend on your apps to get you through the day. App developers are releasing updates for iOS 16 support.

These updates will significantly influence your experience with the new operating system. You should visit the App Store and read iOS 16 customer reviews before installing it. 

Installing the most recent update may be a good idea if the majority of user evaluations are positive. 

If the reviews are negative, you might wish to delay updating your smartphone to the newest operating system. until iOS 16 is updated or the app’s creator makes an update. 

Learn How to Downgrade. 

You can downgrade iOS with Apple to an earlier version. This is helpful if issues with your iPhone start to arise with your existing installation of iOS 16. 

The downgrade path to the company’s previous operating system won’t be open forever, and Apple will close it off without warning. We advise being familiar with it to avoid rushing when you need to perform the downgrade procedure.

Suppose your current iOS 16 version isn’t working correctly review the procedures and memorize them. 

Decide How to Install 16.0.2.

You must have at least a 50% charge on your smartphone and be connected to a Wi-Fi network to install iOS 16 through the Settings app unless you have an iPhone 12, or iPhone 13 linked to a 5G network. 

Additionally, iTunes can be used to install the iOS 16 update. Just connect your device in, locate it, and check for updates. 

It should be noted that you must update to iOS 16 via Finder rather than iTunes. if you are on macOS Monterey, macOS Big Sur, or macOS Catalina. 

Final Thoughts

These are the six tips you should know about before installing iOS 16.0.2. Hope this article is helpful for you. Thanks for reading. Have a great day.

Abid Akon

Abid Akon

I am a tech content writer. I really love to talk about different Modern Technology. It is very important that people know how to fix their tech related problem. That’s why I am writing articles to share my tech knowledge with you.

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Abid Akon

Hi, I am Abid. I really love to talk about different Modern Technology. It is very important that people know how to fix their tech related problem. That’s why I’ve created this website to share my technology keeping knowledge with you. Welcome to ”abidakon.com”

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