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Do you know how many stars there are in this universe? Do you know when sunglasses were invented Did you know that there is a kind of fire that cannot be seen with the eye? Read this article to know more than 65 plus interesting facts like this.


Interesting Facts 1

Did you know that we can fill two swimming pools with saliva that we excrete all our lives? An average person can produce up to two liters of saliva in a day.

Interesting Facts 2

When we are sad, we cry, and tears fall from our eyes. Have you ever noticed that waterfalls from our eyes as well as from our noses? Do you know why this is so? We have a junction of the nose with the regards, so some tears go to the nose when we cry. And due to which water starts falling through the nose.

Interesting Facts 3

Do you know which part of a girl’s body is transforming every two months? If you don’t know, then I am saying, girl’s eyebrows are converting every two months.

Interesting Facts 4

Do you know who is the first person to call from the summit of Everest? Rod Beaver, a British citizen, first called from the summit of Everest on 21 May 2007. He made the call through the tower of a Chinese-based telecom company. And using the Motorola Moto phone.

Interesting Facts 5

 Do you know what the first movie is? The first movie is the Roundhay Garden Scene, made in 1888 by director Louis Le Prince.

Interesting Facts 6

Did you know that Severance, Colorado, is a place where you can’t throw snow at anyone despite having snow all around? There is a strange law in the constitution that you can not throw something at someone for the law. And this law prohibits throwing snowballs at anyone. A few days ago, a video of a child playing with a snowball in this city went viral.

 The police came and tried to convince the child that it was not right to do so. And do you know what that brave kid did? He filed a case in court. He was forcing the court to understand that playing with a snowball does not harm anyone. The court later ruled in favor of the boy. Then the people of the area played with snowballs at the festival.

Interesting Facts 7

Do you know what would happen if all the bees became extinct from the earth? If all the bees die for any reason soon, all the people will die from the planet in just four years. Albert Einstein said this but not mine. Don’t forget to check out our latest Google tricks and Information article.

Interesting Facts 8

You are all aware of Google Capture or Capture from different sites. You have to fill in one to log in to various websites. By this, you are proving that you are not a program software. But do you know the complete form of this capture?

The complete form of capture is “Completely Automated Public Turing Test To Tell Computers And Humans Apart.”

Interesting Facts 9

Did you know that there is a country where wearing blue jeans is strictly forbidden? If you don’t know, find out now. That country is North Korea. The government strictly prohibits Wearing blue clothes in this country. And you will have to pay a fine if you do. The only reason for this ban is enmity with America.

Interesting Facts 10

According to the Chinese acupressure point system, the ear’s upper part is called the door to paradise. According to an acupressure Specialist, just putting pressure on this part of the body can relieve physical illness and anxiety.

Interesting Facts 11

You may be watching this video from a mobile phone. You will notice a little better than the phone camera may be in the middle or on the left, and if you look at the back, you will see that the back camera may be in the middle or on the left side. But never have your front camera on the right. But I’m telling you a funny fact right now.

 The reason behind this is human psychology. The thing that people want from left to right seems to be correct.  While playing the game, you may have noticed that the characters move from left to right. Our psychology appears to be the right thing to do from left to right. With this in mind, the phone company never places the camera to the right.

Interesting Facts 12

Currently, People use sunglasses to protect themselves from dust and light. Do you know how sunglasses were invented? It was first found in China in the 12th century. Back then, it was made uniquely, and it was used only by judges. He used it because the judge hid his emotions and did not understand his emotions and feelings.

Interesting Facts

Interesting Facts 13

Did you know that Zimbabwe’s 100 trillion note in 2015 was worth only 40 cents? This was due to the inflation created in Zimbabwe at that time.

Interesting Facts 14

Do you know why three stamps are used in cricket? Two or four stamps could be used there. The answer lies in the mystery of the creation of the game of cricket. When the game of cricket was first invented, a 3-legged table was used instead of three stumps. And because of that tradition of changing times, we now see three stamps.

Interesting Facts 15

All kinds of birds lay eggs, and from those eggs, babies are born. Now I will talk about an animal that lays eggs and also gives babies. A Platypus is an animal that lays eggs and gives babies. Scientists found this animal most of the time in Australia.

Interesting Facts 16

Do you know why there is Perforation in biscuits? I’m sure you can’t answer this question. So let me tell you the secret of having Perforation in the biscuits. A big biscuit company responded. They said that when baking, hot air could escape through the Perforation. This makes it possible to bake biscuit cakes in a concise time. If this hot air can’t get out, then the biscuits are possible to break.

Interesting Facts 17

Did you know that Iranian scientists, Mr. Vazrick Nazari Neopalpa, make a new kind of moth? This moth’s name is Neopalpa Donald trump, named after Donald Trump because this moth has a strange type of hair as the hair of Donald Trump’s head.

Interesting Facts 18

There is a mental illness in the world that makes a person afraid of being happy. The name of the disease is “Cherophobia”. These people live their lives in fear. And if they are ever satisfied, they are scared because they can lose something after being happy.

Interesting Facts 19

Do you know that in the Philippines, you can get married if you want but not get a divorce? This is entirely illegal under Philippine law. If you are a citizen of that country and marry the wrong people by mistake, you understand what can happen?

Interesting Facts about Philippines


Interesting Facts 20

Do you know which company made the world’s first mobile phone? Motorola made the world’s first mobile phone In 1973, John F. Mitchell and Martin Cooper made the first mobile phone. Although it was a mobile phone by name, it weighed about 2 KG.

Interesting Facts 21

There is a mountain in the world that changes its color every day. A hill called “Ayers Rock” in Australia can change its color every day.

Interesting Facts 22

Did you know that there is a country in the world where criminals bring from other countries to admit to prisons? Not only that, the crime rate in the country is so low that the government has had to close 19 prisons in the last few years. I am talking about the Netherlands, the country known as Holland.Interesting Facts about Netherlands

Now you may be thinking if there is no crime in the Netherlands. Crime is a crime, of course, but the number of convicts in that country has been reduced.

The number of crimes in the country has dropped significantly since 2004. In this country, criminals are not imprisoned but are released with monitoring on their feet. As a result, criminals can lead an everyday life and remain under police surveillance. Due to a sharp drop in the number of offenders last year, the Netherlands imported 240 offenders from Norway and placed them in prison.

Interesting Facts 23

There is a country in the world where there is no capital. The name of the country is Nauru. And it is a tiny country.

Interesting Facts 24

There are very few people in the world who do not like perfume. But not many people know about the use of this perfume. For this reason, the scent of many expensive perfumes does not last long.

If you want to keep the scent of your perfume on for a long time, you can apply perfume on your neck in addition to your favorite place. This will keep the smell of your bouquet for a long time.

Interesting Facts 25

You will notice that when you take a picture of a mobile phone, the sound is clicked. You can turn this word off by going to Settings. But no phone in Japan, you can turn off this option. People may be wary of this sound when taking pictures without someone’s permission. So, the government of Japan makes this law to prevent immoral acts.

Interesting Facts 26

Did you know that there is a coastal tribe in Thailand that can see from the top of the mountain to the bottom of the sea? Their ability to see is twice that of ordinary people.

They can see under the sea in the same way that dolphins can see. Scientists are still researching their strange abilities.

Interesting Facts 27

We are currently missing the game of cricket a lot because of the Covid-19 pandemic. So let me tell you a significant fact about cricket. We have all seen LED Stamps in the game of cricket. Did you know that the price of a bell of this LED stamp is higher than that of an iPhone? Because a lot of sophisticated technology has been used here. This is why this bell starts to light when separated from the stumps.

You’d be even more surprised that earlier players could have kept these stumps to themselves at the end of the game. At the end of the game, the players are not allowed to take stamps anymore.

Interesting Facts 28

Some countries in the world have two capitals. But South Africa is a country with three capitals.

Interesting Facts 29

Did you know that hair on your head can withstand weights up to 100 grams? Then you can withstand a mass of up to 9.25 tons of hair on your head. Human hair contains a type of protein called carotene. Hair is so strong because carotene is a very strong protein.

Interesting Facts 30

You must have seen the use of LOL on social media or instant messaging platforms. Do you know what this LOL word means? This word means “Laugh Out Loud”. It is foolish to use the word LOL without any incident of laughter.

Interesting Facts 31

You may surprise to hear this fact. Did you know that salt is not safe at present? Chinese people useInteresting Facts about industrial industrial salt instead of ordinary salt. The taste of this salt is very similar to regular salt. This industrial salt is very harmful to the human body.

People use it only for making paper. Because of their cheapness, the Chinese people export them to earn more money. And eating this salt can cause cancer in your body. It can also cripple your kidneys.


Interesting Facts 32

Did you know that there is a kind of fire that cannot be seen with the eye? This invisible fire is called “Methanol flames”. Fire is a terrifying force, and it can be doubled if it is not seen.

The hand sanitizer you use for personal protection also contains Methanol. But you can’t see the fire through your eyes. So be very careful to use it.

Interesting Facts 33

Our solar system has a total of four planetary rings. What if we had a ring on this earth? Then we could see that kind of ring by looking at the sky from the ground.

Interesting Facts 34

Did you know that meat can make using two or three types of chemicals? This type of meat tastes just like real meat. And this kind of meat comes to our market. Unfortunately, ordinary people do not understand the taste of this meat. So before buying meat, you must buy it from a person you know.

Interesting Facts 35

Iceland is a country without a military. They can borrow troops from America if they need them

Interesting Facts 36

Do you know why a convict is hanged at night? Because at that time of night most of the people of the country are asleep. If the execution is carried out, the jail authorities can execute without any untoward incident. And this is why the jail authorities carry out the execution at night.

Interesting Facts 37

In 2003, Thomas Ellison sold tea leaves and coffee in America. He was giving samples of tea leaves inside

Interesting Facts about Tea Bag history different containers in different shops.

One day he thought it would be too expensive to put tea leaves inside the container. So he started distributing tea leaves in small silk bags. And one day, all of a sudden, that silk bag fell into the hot water. And from there, the tea bag was discovered. Now, this tea bag is the most popular.



Interesting Facts 38

Do you know of any bird that can mimic human speech? You will surprise to hear that crows can talk like humans. You heard right, and when a crow is appropriately cared for, it can talk like a human. And keep in mind that crows are the most intelligent of birds.

Interesting Facts 39

A crocodile is such an animal that can swallow iron. His digestive system is so strong that he can digest this iron. Also, sometimes a substance harder than iron can be consumed.

Interesting Facts 40

Venezuela’s currency called the Venezuelan bolívar. It is a much cheaper currency in the world. A total of 99,873 bolivares in the USA for one dollar. The most extensive note in that country is 50 thousand notes.

Interesting Facts 41

If you are bored of using a traditional mobile cover, then a particular type of cover has been produced for you, which will give you the feeling of a hundred percent human skin. Which will give you the feeling of a hundred percent human skin. And such covers are used in laptop touchpads and various types of gadgets.

Interesting Facts 42

Many of you must have heard of two or three-hundred-year-old trees. And many of you have seen many old trees. But do you know about the oldest tree in the world? Not to mention because all the information on this tree has been kept secret for this tree’s safety. The tree’s name is Methuselah. The age of this tree is more than 4850 years.

It is a tree of the Great Basin Bristlecone pine species. And which is located in a city located in California, USA. But only a handful of people know exactly where it is now. Several pictures went viral on the internet and one of which was. For that reason, we can see it now.

Interesting Facts 43

Do you know what the density of the neutron star can be? If you could bring a spoonful of an object from the Neutron star, it would be 10 million tons. Then you understand, if the weight of one spoon is so much, then the weight of the whole planet can be?

Interesting Facts 44

Do you know why the Balloon sounds so loud when it bursts? The Balloon is made of Rubber, Latex, andInteresting Facts 2021 Polychloroprene. This is why balloons are very flexible. When air is blown inside the Balloon, the air inside it is under high pressure. When the balloon bursts, the air at high pressure has a chance to expand.

And the pressure wave creates a sound that is so loud because of the pressure wave. The same thing happened in the field of airguns.

Interesting Facts 45

Many countries use fake Chinese eggs because of their cheapness. Some unscrupulous traders are selling such fake eggs to people for their profit. These fake eggs are made with some horrible chemicals. Egg yolk and white parts use different types of chemicals to make. These are then converted into counterfeit eggs.

And these fake eggs are fed through a phony shell. They use gypsum and calcium carbonate them. It’s even more terrifying than it sounds to hear its name. These chemicals can cause various diseases in the human body.

Interesting Facts 46

Did you know that there is a type of bird called Granada? The feathers of male and female birds differ in color. The birds with blue feathers are male birds. The birds with brown feathers are female birds. The skin color of this species of bird is different in the world. And by looking at their color, it is easy to identify the female or male bird.

Interesting Facts 47

Do you know when mosquitoes bites, you don’t feel anything? And after a while, the itching started in thatInteresting Facts about mosquito bites place. When the mosquito enters our body with its melody, its mouth’s saliva enters our body level. As a result, the blood does not clot easily, and he can drink blood very quickly. And because of that saliva, your skin becomes red.

Mosquitoes can eat blood without causing you pain. But just to keep the blood fluid, that allergic ingredient enters your body.



Interesting Facts 48

What can you do to get a job? Can you kiss a crocodile to get a job? A Chinese company offers a strange condition for hiring people who are willing to work. The company wanted to test the courage of job seekers.

They tell everyone to kiss a crocodile. And all those who were able to do this work were given jobs and given 1000 Yuan.

Interesting Facts 49

Internet service is not available in remote areas. So Google has created a kind of technology to reach Internet services in all parts of the world or remote areas.

And these technologies are a kind of internet balloon, and those balloons will run on the solar system. And inside, it is filled with gas that will orbit the earth. It will provide uninterrupted service to all parts of the world. Google Already has launched this service in Peru. And very soon Google lunch this service.

Interesting Facts 50

You may have seen 3D movies at different times. But did you know that the 3D film was first released in 1922? The name of the movie was “The Power Of The Love”.

If you want to watch this movie, sometimes you have to close your right eye and sometimes close your left eye. Because this movie was made in a way, surprisingly, this movie is completely lost, and no copy has been found so far.

Interesting Facts 51

There is a unique species of deer on earth call the mouse deer. When you see this species of deer, you will feel that it is a combination of deer and mouse. Scientists could not found Deer of this species since 1990. The idea is that the animal is entirely extinct.

 After much searching, scientists have given up hope of finding this animal. But surprisingly, scientists found it again in November 2019.

Interesting Facts 52

By law, The Queen Of Britain owns all swans that move freely in England. So capturing and killing this swan is a legally punishable offense.

Interesting Facts 53

Do you know, Eight years, seven months, six days of continuous screaming, you can make just one cup of coffee with the amount of energy you expend. So think about how long we keep the stove burning to save a match stick and how much energy we are consuming.

Interesting Facts 54

You may be surprised to learn that your identity and information are not at all secure at the hospital you visit for treatment. When we go to a hospital, we give all our information there. We think that only such information is kept to hospitals and doctors. But some hospital companies sell such information to various insurance companies and large advertising companies for money.

Interesting Facts 55

Do you know how many stars there are in this universe? So let’s give a little idea. If it takes one secondInteresting Facts about universe to count a star, it will take three thousand years to count the stars in a whole galaxy. I’m just talking about one galaxy. More than 100 billion galaxies are predicted to exist in this galaxy. However, due to technological advancement, astronomers estimate that the amount could increase to more than 2 billion.


Interesting Facts 56

Have you ever wondered if the rice you eat every day is natural rice? The people of which can create fake robots like humans are not impossible to duplicate rice to the country’s people. China eats the most rice and produces the most. However, China exports some rice to different countries, which have about one million tons per year in China. But on the other hand, they sell more rice than their production.

 Then maybe you recognize how it sells more than production. And the reason is that there is fake rice. Chinese traders mix a lot of counterfeit rice with good rice. And then they export at a lower price. But the surprising thing is that most of us don’t know about it.

 Now you may question whether the aroma of fake rice is like real rice? So think about it, if perfume can be made to smell like roses without mixing roses, why not make it smell like rice? But sadly, you can’t recognize plastic rice and real rice. Eating such rice means eating plastic. Eating this type of rice can cause various ailments in our body, such as heart attack and liver failure.

Interesting Facts 57

You would be surprised to know that an octopus is an animal whose blood is blue. There is iron in human blood and copper in octopus blood. As a result, the blood of the octopus is blue.

Interesting Facts 58

Do you know how many eyes a butterfly has? You will surprise to know that a butterfly has twelve hundred eyes.

Interesting Facts 59

Ever since the earth was created, the earth has revolved around the sun billions of times. But since humans started counting it, the planet has only orbited the sun 2,100 times. Did you know that Pluto was discovered in 1937? So far, it has not been able to complete the orbit of the sun.

 The entire first orbit around the sun since the human count will end in March 2170. Then maybe none of us will survive.

Interesting Facts 60

Animals are divided into many parts. But did you know humans are the only mammals that can breathe and eat food together.No other mammals can do that?

Interesting Facts 61

You may have thought many times that those who do Weather Forecast may be lying. But did you knowInteresting Facts about Weather Forecast they have to do 10 million math solve to make a weather forecast?

They may not calculate this, but the computer calculates for them. Yet this calculation is not an easy subject at all. But even then, their analyses fail most of the time. But climate change is at the will of the Creator.




Interesting Facts 62

An average person dreams about three to five times a night. But most of the dreams people can’t remember when they wake up. If calculated, a person dreams an average of 1462 dreams per year.

Interesting Facts 63

We can heat two liters of water with the amount of heat our body produces every half hour.

Interesting Facts 64

If you want to watch all the videos on YouTube at once, it will take you 550 million hours.

Interesting Facts 65

When the world’s largest diamond was being transported from Africa to England, it was transported in 3 ships. With guards of 400 soldiers were given. Even then, the ship was attacked, and no diamonds were found anywhere on the three boats at the time of the attack

 When the ship was brought back to England, it was discovered that the diamond was not on the boat but was initially sent through the post office. All this was done just to divert people’s attention.

Interesting Facts 66 (Bonus One)

You have heard that milk is perfect for human health. There are some ingredients in milk that can cause your heart attack. If you drink extra milk, your chances of having a heart attack will increase by 60%. But I will not say once that do not eat milk.  Eat, but in moderation


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