60 Facts About United States That Most Americans Don’t Know!

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60 Facts About United States

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The United States of America is a huge country with a lot to see and do. America has a population of over 327 million people, making it the world’s third most populated region. This country is very well known for Information technology, Science, Space, Movie, travel and lots more. The United States is the world’s fourth-largest nation in terms of land area and eighth in terms of population. Today, we’ll talk about some interesting facts about the United States that you may not hear about!

1) Largest And Smallest City By Area In United States

The largest city in the United States is Jacksonville. With an area of 840 square miles, Jacksonville, in northeast Florida, is the largest city in the contiguous 48 states (2,175.6 sq km). 

The smallest city is Lost Springs. The town has a total area of 0.09 square miles (0.23 km2), according to the United States Census Bureau.

2) Facts About United States – One Day President

Facts About United States

David Rice Atchison is said to have served as President of the United States for just one day, from noon on March 4th to noon on March 5th, 1849. Read 10 Fascinating Fun facts

3) Official Language Of America

Although the United States has no official language, English is the most widely spoken. However, a large number of people speak Spanish, and some speak Filipino, Japanese, Korean, and also Indonesian, and Chinese.

4) Facts About United States – Oldest City In America

St. Augustine is one of the oldest cities in the United States. St. Augustine is the longest continuously populated European-founded city in the United States. Don Pedro Menendez de Aviles of Spain founded It In September 1565. People know it as the Nation’s Oldest City.

5) Facts About United States – Oldest Book In USA

Facts About United States In 2021

The Bay Psalm Book” is considered the oldest book In the United States. The Bay Psalm Book, printed in 1640, was the first book made in the United States. Only 11 copies survive now! Check our latest blog about 15 Random Fun Facts.

6) Baby Born From Unmarried Woman

Unmarried women account for 40% of all births. It’s a far cry from 1940 when only 3.8 percent of babies were born to single parents. It wasn’t until 1969 that the percentage reached 10%. I think It’s a very cool fact about the United States.

7) Common Last Names In America

The surname Smith is the most common in the United States. More than 2,376,206 people use this name as a last name. Johnson is used more than 1,857,160 times. Check out the 65+ interesting facts.

8) Capital City Information Of USA

Many people know Washington, DC as the US capital, but it wasn’t always so. On July 16, 1790, Congress declared Washington, DC as a Capital. But previously, The country’s capital was New York City.

9) Longest Coastline In America

Did you know, What is the longest coastline In America? Alaska has the longest coastline compared to the other states. The coastline is about 6,640 mi (10,690 km). The second largest one is Florida about 1,350 mi (2,170 km).

10) Facts About United States – The Statue Of Liberty

Facts About United States 2021

The Statue of Liberty is also called a “Liberty Enlightening the World”, a gift from the people of France. The torch is a sign of enlightenment that illuminates the road to liberty by illuminating it. On October 28, 1886, the Statue of Liberty was dedicated. In 1924, it was named a National Monument.

11) Divorce Rate Of USA

Per 36 seconds, a divorce is finalized. That equates to nearly 2,400 divorces per day, 16,800 per week, and 876,000 divorces a year. The divorce rate for first marriages is about 41 percent. A second marriage has a 60 percent divorce rate, and a third marriage has a 73 percent divorce rate.

12) National Anthem Of United States

The national anthem of America is “The Star-Spangled Banner” which actually has 4 verses. Isn’t it strange that the one standard verse ends with a question mark?

13) Donuts Lover America

Every year, Americans consume 10 billion donuts, more than any other nation on the planet. Check the top 12 Mysterious Places that you can not access.

14) Indian People In The USA

The United States of America has a population of almost four million Indians. The United States has the most Indian people outside of India, the most Canadian people outside of Canada, and the most Mexican people outside of Mexico.

15) Different Versions Of USA Flag

Facts About United States That Make Your Day Happy

There have been 27 separate variations of the flag with the stars and stripes since America was established in 1776. The new US flag was modeled for a school project by a 17-year-old.

16) Lowest Temperature In American History

In January 1971, the lowest temperature ever reported in America was at Prospect Creek in Alaska. The temperature was minus 80 degrees Fahrenheit, which was likely enough to turn him nipple-tinted glass cutters.

17) Hottest Temperature In The American History

In July 1913, the hottest temperature ever reported in America was at Death Valley, California. It was 134 degrees Fahrenheit, which is presumably enough to make a bathtub full of midriff sweat.

18) Most Tornadoes In USA region

Tornadoes are most common in the Midwest area of America. People know it as Tornado Alley. I’m curious how it got its name.

19) Longest Rivers In US

Facts About United States That Most Americans Don't Know

The Missouri River is North America’s longest river and the fourth-longest river in the entire world. The Missouri River runs for 2,341 miles east and south before joining the Mississippi River north of St. Louis, Missouri.

20) College Athletes

College athletes are viewed as celebrities, despite the fact that they are only students participating in a recreational sport.

21) Atlanta Original Name

The original name of the city of Atlanta was Marthasville. Established in 1837, Marthasville first was named in honor of the daughter of the then governor, named Terminus for its railway site and renamed shortly afterward to Atlanta.

22) One Person Both President And Vice-Presidents

60 Facts About United States in 2021

Gerald Ford is the last one without the election of an Electoral College, who served both Vice President and President. He is the 38th president of America.

23) First American citizen President

60 Facts About United States 2021

Martin Van Buren was the first American president to be born, all previous presidents were British. He is the 8th U.S. President (1837-1841).

24) Facts About The Liberty Bell

Facts About United States-Liberty Bell facts

On Washington’s Birthday, the last major crack occurred. In February 1846, when it was rampaged on President’s Day, on a Washington birthday, the Liberty Bell actually broke and finally stopped ringing with damages from large cracks.

25) First Rung The Liberty Bell

On July 8, 1776, the Bell was first rung to commemorate the first public reading of the Declaration of Independence. Nobody knows when the Bell first rang, but others believe it was during the Revolutionary War in 1824.

26) Pizza Served In The United States

Anyway, let’s get back to the important things. Every day In America, people buy about 100 acres of pizza. Every year in the USA, People buy about 3 billion pizzas. Check our blog post about 21+ google tricks and Secrets. 

27) Chocolate Lovers US

Every second American consumes $100 worth of chocolate. Americans eat chocolate over €2.8 billion or over €11 billion per person annually.

28) Chicken consumed

Every year in the U.S., 8 billion chickens, which means 21,917,808 chickens daily, are eaten. Americans are consuming 25 billion chicken wings a year, or 100 million pounds, consumed alone over the Super Bowl weekend.

29) Consume Food

During their lifespan, the average human In the United States consumes approximately 35 tons of food. The amount varies according to a person’s gender, age, diet, etc. Eating nearly 1,500 pounds a year, the average human.

30) Food Do Grocery Stores Throw Away

American groceries throw away About 30% of the food. American grocery shops produce about 16 billion pounds of food waste annually. Wasted food is priced at about double the benefit from food purchases in the grocery industry.

31) First Motion Picture Theater In USA

Facts About United States - First Motion Picture Theater In USA

Thomas Lincoln Tally actually opened the very first film theater in Los Angeles, CA in 1902. The address was 311 S. Spring Street, Los Angeles, CA 90013, the first movie theatre.

32) Use electronic Device

The American average uses an electronic computer for more than ten hours a day. You have about 9 and a half hours left if you are watching America’s congratulations right now.

33) Spent On Advertising

The US is by far the world’s biggest market in advertisements. In the U.S., different companies invested More than US$240 billion in ads In 2019.

34) Energy Consumption

The United States Of America uses 18% of global energy. The global overall power used was 539 quadrillion British thermal units (Btu), according to energy consumption figures in 2014, and the US consumed about 98 quadrillions Btu.

35) Facts About United States – McDonald’s Facts

Facts About United States - McDonald’s Facts

McDonald’s is an American restaurant as well as the biggest fast-food restaurant chain in the world. The restaurant of McDonald’s is open every 14.5 hours also 68 million customers feeding every day. And every day they receive approximately USD 75m.

36) Facts About United States – Moon Landing

27 percent of Americans do not think the moon landings ever occurred.

37) $10 In Pocket With No Debts 

Forbes estimates that if you have $10 in your wallet and no mortgages, you are richer than 25 percent of all Americans.

38) Americans Live In Mobile Homes

According to recent estimates from the Census, about 20 million Americans remain in mobile homes. The US census reports that mobile homes represent 6.4 percent to 8.5 million of them, significantly lower than in 2011.

39) Health Care Situation Of America

The United States spends more money on health care per citizen than any other developed country, but its life expectancy is still below average.

40) American People In Their Job

How long is a normal worker staying at work? According to the latest available data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average US worker is 4.4 years old at each workplace.

41) Cost Of Higher Education In America

How much has the cost of college increased In America? Since 1985, college costs in the US have grown 538 percent. In contrast, medical expenses have increased by more than 286 percent. 

42) Facts About United States – Military

Facts About United States - United States Military

In 2014, the United States spent more than $580 million on the military. The United States is responsible for 37 percent of the overall figure. Defense spending in the United States is nearly equal to the total military budgets of the next seven wealthiest countries on the planet.

43) Federal Government Land Owns

How much land in the US is owned by the federal government? The Federal Government owns About 640 million hectares, about 28 percent of the US’s 2.27 billion hectares. The government of the United States controls 47 percent of the western territory. The bulk of the land belongs to the federal government in several states, including Oregon, Utah, and Nevada.

44) Largest Air Force

America has 5,600 aircraft of all kinds flying which makes it the largest air force as well there are about 312,000 employees.

45) South Dakota With More Cattle Than Humans

The next facts about United States are about South Dakota. Cows outnumber humans in South Dakota by a wide margin. Humans outnumber cows by 4.5 to 1 of 859 000 people and 3.9 million cows. The second position in Nebraska.

46) Oldest Rivers In USA

The United States has three of the longest rivers in the world like The Fresh, Susquehanna, and the French Broad Rivers are the Appalachian Mountains. The oldest of the three rivers is the New River.

47) Hollywood Bowl In Los Angeles

Facts About United States - Hollywood Bowl In Los Angeles facts

The Hollywood Bowl is one of the biggest natural amphitheaters in the world in Los Angeles. It will accommodate up to 18,000 people. During her life, she has entertained many renowned composers and celebrities.

48) Facts About United States – GPS Fact

The Department of Defense manages GPS, which is operated by the US government. They could disable it anytime, but once it began it never has.

49) Obese Nation In America

With 109,342,839 overweight people as the report of 2017, the United States is the world’s most obese nation. This equates to 33.7% of the workforce.

50) First US Dollar Bill

Facts About United States - First United States one-dollar bill

Although we all know that the one-dollar bill of George Washington is in place, that’s not always the case. The first one that had his portrait on it at the time of his appearance in 1863 was Salmon P. Chase, Abraham Lincoln’s Secretaire of the Treasury. It required them six years to exchange with Washington.

51) National Debt Of America

The next facts about United States is the national debt. While the national debt of the United States today rose to monstrous proportions, there was null national debt in 1835. The gross public debt of 20,57 billion dollars as of 20 July 2020, and also intra-government reserves amounted to 5,94 billion dollars or a total of 26,51 trillion dollars. Public-owned debt in 2017 amounted to around 77% of GDP, ranking the 43rd largest of 207 countries.

52) Facts About United States – Grill Lover

Grilling is a common pastime among Americans. In reality, 81% of Americans own an outdoor grill, with 47% barbecuing two times a week during the summer season. In the United States, People buy Grills and barbecues worth around USD 1.36 billion In 2019, up from USD 1.21 billion in 2009 according to the report of statistics.

53) Natural Gas Produce In United States

The United States Of America is the world’s leading natural gas manufacturer. In fact, they contain an annual natural gas of 766,200,000,000 cubic meters. The production of natural gas is in 32 states. Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Wyoming, and Louisiana, which contain over half of total US natural gas, are the top producing states.

54) Towns Name Santa Claus

Do you know, how many towns in the United States are named Santa Claus? Three towns In the United States Of America call the name Santa Claus. It is in Indiana, Georgia, and Arizona, also with the largest density in Indiana among the three.

55) Facts About United States – Penny Fact

In the US it costs a penny far more than the true worth. It took 1.7 cents In 2014, lower than the 2011 figures of 2.4 cents.

56) Coffee Produce In America

Facts About United States - Coffee Produce In America

American people are fond of coffee, but few states do. But almost every town in the United States does not grow coffee on its own. Hawaii is now the only coffee-producing province.

57) Twitter Archive Library of Congress

Do you know why twitter archives are in the library of congress? The United States Library of Congress archived any tweet for the coming generations. Every day in 2012 there were 0.4 billion tweets.

58) American Adults Live Their Parents

In the United States, twenty-five million people remain with their parents at home because of jobs, sub-work, or struggling to pay off their student loan debt.

59) New York Population

The next facts about United States is in New York City live a little over 8 million residents. In the United States, 1 in 38 residents calls the townhome.

60) New York Language Fact

In New York City, People speak over 800 languages and makes it the world’s most diverse linguistically. Four speak a language other than English in 10 households.

Have you any queries to our post facts about United States? Let’s know through the contact us form. Have a great day!

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