15 Random Fun Facts That Will Brighten Your Day

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Random Fun Facts

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Random fun facts will help you break the ice, impress a date, or win a pub quiz. But you don’t have to have a use for these little tidbits of mind-blowing knowledge to find them interesting. What is useless information to others is cool, fascinating fun facts that make the world a more stimulating and awe-inspiring place to others. Are you one of those people who is an expert at gathering unexpected bits of information? If so, get ready to have your mind blown by these fascinating fun facts that will amaze both adults and children.

Random Fun Facts 1

Do you know how many kinds of sounds a dog can make? You may say one or two types of sounds. In a real sense, a dog can make ten different sounds. On the other hand, Cats can make more than 100 sounds.

Random Fun Facts 2

Now, this fact is about your nails. Our nails grow much faster during the summer season. Many studies have shown that human nails grow much faster in the summer than in the Winter. Your right-hand nails grow faster if you are right-handed, and your left-hand nails grow faster if you are left-handed. 

Random Fun Facts 3

Now, if I ask you, where is the moon closest to the earth? Then many may answer from Mount Everest. But you will be surprised to know that the answer is entirely wrong. The correct answer is Mount Chimborazo which is located in Ecuador. Don’t forget to check out 65+ random facts.

Random Fun Facts 4

Do you know the complete form of the word Army? If you know, then it is good, and if you don’t know, then I am telling you now. The complete form of the word army is “Alert Regular Mobility Young”. If you are the first to know this fact, be sure to share the article with your friends and family.

Random Fun Facts 5

Do you know how much effort your body puts into taking you when you walk? About 200 muscles in your body work together in just one step. Whoever knew this fact must let us know by commenting.

Random Fun Facts 6

Do you like supercars? Then you must have heard the name of Audi company. But have you ever wondered why Audi uses four rings in their logo? There is a funny story behind it. In 1932 a union was formed called the Auto Union. Where four companies had a presence, these four companies represent Audi in these four rings.

Random Fun Facts 7

You must have eaten honey in your life. But have you ever eaten blue honey? Of course, we have blue honey in the world. This type of honey is obtaining from a rare species of bee in France.

Random Fun Facts 8

What if you were traveling from one end of the country to the other but not spending any money. What surprised you? Luxembourg is a country where all types of public transport have been made accessible. Various kinds of public transport including buses, trains, planes have been made accessible. Check out our latest blog post about the Top 12 Mysterious places.

Random Fun Facts 9

Let me tell you another interesting fact about wandering. Switzerland, Singapore, and America are some of the most famous countries to visit. But did you know that taxi drivers in Switzerland and Singapore can speak six to eight languages? Surprisingly, taxi drivers in New York can say 10 to 12 different languages. But even in educated countries, there are very few people who speak two to three languages.

Random Fun Facts 10

Australia would be about 4,000 kilometers in length if we measured it from East to West. On the other hand, the width of the moon is around 3,400 kilometers. That means Australia is 600 kilometers wide from the moon.

Random Fun Facts 11

We all know how bad it is to work on a computer if a tiny virus enters it. But do you know the name of the first virus and in what year it was discovered? The name of this virus is Creeper, and this virus was first discovered in 1971. It was the first virus in the history of the world. However, the virus did not cause much damage. This virus could only delete some small software on the computer.

Random Fun Facts 12

In 1994 when Los Angeles light pollution decreased a lot. This light pollution was so reduced that galaxies could be seen from the Earth’s surface. People have never seen a universe before. So they are scared to see the galaxy for the first time. They thought that this purple light would fall on them and the Earth would be destroyed. The mayor then hired 100 people to let people know it was a galaxy, not dangerous at all. 

Random Fun Facts 13

So far, we have thought that this food can be tasted only with the tongue. But this idea is not entirely accurate. As you rub a clove of garlic on your bare feet, you will see the taste of garlic in your mouth. Garlic contains a type of organic substance called allicin. This substance mixes with the blood and can circulate. And this is why when you rub garlic on your feet, its taste will pass through your blood, and you will be able to understand its flavor. 

Random Fun Facts 14

It’s hard to find people in the world who haven’t seen Tom and Jerry. Let me tell you a fun fact about the Tom and Jerry cartoon. Tom’s previous name was Jasper, and Jerry’s name was Jinx. In the evolution of time, their names were changed to Tom and Jerry. If you’re a fan of Tom and Jerry like me, be sure to share.

Random Fun Facts 15

Sadly, Shark kills five people every year and 22 people die every year from cow dung. But humans are much more harmful to these animals. Every year 100 million sharks die for people like us. 

Random Fun Facts 16 (Bonus)

Can you tell me how many planets can be placed between the Earth and the moon? Surprising but true is that the worlds of the solar system can be arranged between the Earth and the moon. 


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Abid Akon

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