10 Fascinating Fun Facts That You Never Knew

Written by Abid Akon

Fascinating Fun Facts

Here's what we'll cover:

What others consider pointless information is awesome, fascinating fun facts that make the planet a stimulating and awe-inspiring place for others. Are you one of those people who has a knack for stumbling across unexpected nuggets of information? If that’s the case, get ready to have your mind blown by these fascinating fun facts that will amaze both adults and children.


Fun Facts 1 (Saturn Fact)

Saturn fun Fact

This time we talk about a strange feature of Saturn. Our solar system is quite diverse. Our solar system has eight planets, seven of which are moving anti-clockwise. Only Saturn orbits the Sun in a clockwise direction. Read our latest article about 65+ Interesting Facts.

Fun Facts 2 (Rat Fact)

Fun Facts about rat

Did you know that a rat can laugh? That’s what a TV show published by National Geographic says. It is said here that when a rat is tickled, it giggles and laughs. If you watch the top video, you can hear the sound of a rat laugh.

Fun Facts 3 (Oxygen Color Fact)

Fun Facts - oxygen color Fact

Now we will say a fact with the color of oxygen. Now you can ask, does oxygen has color? Oxygen also has color. You will not see its color when it is in oxygen gas condition. In a liquid state, the color of oxygen appears pale blue. Read our article about 15 Random Fun Facts.

Fun Facts 4 (Monster Pterodactyl Fact)

Fun Facts

This time the fact is about the Romania monster Pterodactyl. Pterodactyls are a kind of bird-like creature that is Lived on earth 201 million years ago. However, the largest species found in Romania. Research shows that it will be much longer than Giraffe when it stands. Its wings were much larger than the wings of a fighter jet.

Fun Facts 5 (Hedgehog Cafe Fact)

Fun Facts - tokyo hedgehog cafe fact

Now, I am telling you the fact about a strange cafe. There is a strange cafe in Tokyo where the main attraction is the hedgehog. If you want to enter this cafe, you have to drop 1000 Yen from your pocket. And you can have fun with hedgehogs eating at that cafe.

Fun Facts 6 (pigeon toilet Fact)

Fun Facts - pigeon toilet fact

Now a strange fact, do you know that a pigeon’s toilet can be the property of a king? That sounds ridiculous, right? In England, however, pigeon toilets considered the property of the king. This tradition has been around since the eighteenth century. At that time gunpowder made from pigeon droppings. And since then the pigeon’s toilet has been the property of the King of England.

Fun Facts 7 (Black Market Fact)

Fun Facts - black market fact

Now, let’s talk about the black market selling human skin. There is nothing that is not currently sold on the black market. But do you know, Kidnaper sells human skin on the black market? Kidnaper Kidnap Women from different parts of India and force them to give them their skins. Medical use their skin for surgery.

Fun Facts 8 (Traffic Light Fact)

Fun Facts - traffic light fact

Almost all People enjoy driving. But You become stuck in red light. According to the National Association of City Transportation Officials, the amount of time spent standing at a red signal is 75 seconds or around 20% of total travel time. That’s a lot of time wasted, and it’s yet another excuse to take public transit.

Fun Facts 9 (Netherland Fact)

Fun Facts - Netherland fact

Officials in the Netherlands constructed a rodent-only bridge to provide safe travel for squirrels trying to cross the N44 highway. Although it was a generous gesture, it could not have been the most cost-effective: the bridge cost £120,000 and was only used by five squirrels over a two-year period. “Three squirrels were spotted on the bridge in 2014, and two squirrels were spotted in 2015,” the government said in a statement.

Fun Facts 10 (Pyramid Fact)

Fun Facts - Pyramid Fact

The Great Pyramid of Cholula, located in Cholula, Puebla, Mexico, is the world’s tallest pyramid and the world’s biggest monument, with a foundation four times the height of the Great Pyramid of Giza. It is partly hidden under a cliff which is one of the reasons it isn’t well known.

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